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Active energy complexes are the first step towards industrial microgrids in Russia

Anyone and everyone interested in distributed power generation is invited to take part in the presentation of the report "Active Energy Complexes – the First Step Towards Industrial Microgrids in Russia", prepared by the EnergyNet Infrastructure Centre with the participation of industry experts!
On 24 September 2020, Resolution No.320 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 21 March 2020, "On Amending Certain Acts of the Government of the Russian Federation on the Functioning of Active Energy Complexes", came into force, launching a regulatory experiment to create industrial microgrids in Russia. The report will allow its readers to better understand the prospects of this practice, as well as the conditions for participation in the experiment.
At the event, you will have the opportunity to ask questions both to the authors of the report and industry experts, including Andrey Maksimov, Deputy Director of the Department of Electric Power Industry Development of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, Boris Bokarev, Head of the Design Department of EnergyNet, Fyodor Opadchiy, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, System Operator of United Power System JSC, and Oleg Barkin, Deputy Chairman of the Board of NP Market Council Association.
It is possible to participate online, but you can also take part in the Boiling Point in M. Konyushkovskiy Pereylok. Link to registration.